Maintenance & Upgrade of Security Systems!

Maintaining your security system is just as important as installing it. Over time, various devices in the system may require repair or even replacement. By properly maintaining our security system we avoid false alarms and general malfunctions while maintaining its normal operation. Our licensed technicians will check your entire system to make sure the equipment is working properly as intended by the manufacturer!

Maintenance is not just about changing batteries!

What does periodic maintenance include!

  • Battery replacement, (central unit, external siren and peripherals) as well as battery charging voltage adjustment.
  • Control and adjustment of system devices, (central panel, magnetic contacts, motion detectors, autonomous siren, glass break detectors, etc.).
  • Software upgrade (central unit and peripherals) to the latest version, for optimal system operation.
  • Control of communication with the Signal Receiving Center (sending signals for the correct response of the system with the K.L.S).
  • Test activation of the system to confirm proper operation.
  • Delivery of control report by the technician of our company